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  • Residential houses;

  • Apartment buildings;

  • Petrochemical plants;

  • Oil storage and Processing plants;

  • Infrastructure projects;

  • Shipbuilding projects;

  • Warehouses.


Installation of building foundations, installation of monolithic walls in buildings, installation of monolithic stairs, installation of monolithic ceilings-floor services supply.

Performing complete installation of the monolithic foundations of the building, regardless of the height, width or quantity of its foundations.

Complete installation of the foundation formwork of the building, regardless of the shape of the foundation.

Complete installation of building wall formwork regardless of the shape or quantity of the walls or high.

We work with various formwork (eg: PERI, Doka, Altrad, Pionart and others). All necessary reinforcement frames and reinforcement installation works, reinforcement is performed on the basis of working drawings. Irrespective of the thickness and quantity of the reinforcement. Concreting works are performed after installing all the necessary components and then concreting works are performed.

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